EnV Interiors, is a full service Interior Design firm, dedicated to environmentally conscious interior design solutions that are considered "Green" and/or "Sustainable" . The ultimate mission of our leadership is to create inspired spaces that are beautiful, functional, and inherently coexisting with the natural environment. 

To walk into a space and breath freely in a non-toxic environment is something that does not just happen; to know that you have made healthy choices for you, your employees, and your clients is a conscious effort that will create a more productive, and natural environment of which you can be proud. 

Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is one of leading causes of absenteeism in the workplace due to Sick Building Syndrom.   

Using Reclaimed materials reduces the need for raw materials finding their way into the manufacturing process

Using local materials lessens the demand on foreign manufacturers utimately driving down the need to ship materials for long distances reducing the amount of carbon released into the air via vehicular exhaust. 

To learn more about these isssues and many others related to "Sustainable" Design Please contact us. 

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Environmentally Visioned Interior Design

Below are renderings of the interior entrance & lobby spaces at United Capital a LEED Silver Certified building for Commercial Interiors by the US Green Building Council.
EnVI in the News

September of 2013 EnVI begins work with the Conshohocken Brewing Company to complete a "Green" Tasting Room.  The space will be a great addition to the Conshohocken restaurant community and greater Philadelphia area.  The space will be certified by the Green Restaurant Association (GRA), as a sustainable/green dining/drinking space.  The CBco, wants to include local restaurants to cater special evenings at the Tasting Room, which will be open to the public at an established regular schedule, but will also allow the space to be rented out. The interior will include many reused/salvaged materials, along with energy efficient fixtures, and construction materials that are low to zero VOC content.  Like organic based paints, and reclaimed lumber.  Along with some inventive nods to the history of the CBco.  Completion of the project is on the fast track, hoping to be up and running before the New Year.  Check back as more work is completed to see progress postings of the interior renovations.  

August of 2013, EnVI was part of a collaborative team working on a project for United Capital in North Wales, PA.  The three story new commercial space attached to a historic structure, has just received a LEED silver certification! The interior of the space included materials that were high in recycled content, reclaimed barn wood flooring, low VOC paints and adhesives, beautiful views for all occupants to the outdoors.  The building uses geothermal technologies, and is very energy efficient.  This is a great accomplishment for EnVI, and the team, as well as a wonderful model of sustainability for the surrounding community.  

2012, Montgomery County PET/CT receives LEED silver.  EnVI consulted with AHAdams on the interiors of this project.  The interiors include a real connection to the venacular/outside.  The interior was a design with great care to provide clients receiving care in this facility a place of harmony and peace, in a very turbulant time in their lives.  Cork flooring, clay plaster walls, counters made from bamboo pulp, and recycled acrylic panels with twigs embedded are just a few of the features that really make this interior environment have a spa like feel that is connected to nature.  

Kennett Restaurant opens in 2011
located at the intersection of 2nd and Christian in Philadelphia, PA is currently undergoing certification to become the first "Green" restaurant and bar in Philly, certified by the Green Restaurant Association.  EnVI was commissioned to renovate the interiors of the restaurnt.  Once a sports bar into a comfortable neighborhood restaurant.  All aspects of the renovation were completed in an effort to reduce the environmental impact so common with renovation work.  As much of the existing interior was simply refurbished, including the bar, and existing tables and chairs.  Additional furnishings were sourced from previously owned shops in the city. Some unique concepts were turning a bar area into a banquet with the materials at hand.  All paints were organic based that are non-toxic, and the fabrics used through out are made of post-consumer materials.  There are many other aspects to creating a "Green" restaurant, and EnVI would enjoy discussing them further with you, if you are looking to renovate a restaurant, other commercial space, or simply interested in theprocess

A recent review of the restaurant was given by Craig LaBan of the Inquirer, click on the link below to view his review.

Inquirer Review of Kennett
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